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I think a lot about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence these days... but I don’t view it at all as competition but as an inspiration

- Gurpreet Dhaliwal, M.D., Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.
   IM Reasoning podcast, Episode 42

At the heart of all the Isabel products is a highly trained, enhanced machine learning system. The system is powered by cutting edge, statistical natural language processing software which understands the meaning and context of unstructured free text. This is applied to Isabel’s medical database containing thousands of carefully selected, evidenced-based documents of disease presentations which contain both typical and atypical presentations for over 10,000 conditions...

Two Decades of Training

The engine has been trained over two decades on virtually every possible presentation of the majority of all known diseases. The initial results are then passed through an additional set of algorithms to ensure that only those diseases and drugs relevant to the patient’s age, gender and geographical region are displayed.

It is this unique structure, very different from the more traditional rules-based systems, which gives Isabel many inherent advantages:

  • Easy to use yet able to rapidly handle any permutation of clinical features
  • Scalability makes it easy to maintain, update and expand
  • Published API makes it easy to integrate into other systems
  • Platform structure enables the same core system to serve many different audiences from clinicians to patients and in multiple languages.

Benefitting from two decades of continuous development, validation and clinician feedback, Isabel today is widely acknowledged as the most accurate and versatile system available.

Isabel Pro

Medical professionals around the world trust Isabel to help broaden their differential and enhance their clinical reasoning skills. Isabel uniquely combines accuracy, ease of use and speed, covering over 10,000 conditions. Highly versatile with the ability to be used as a standalone system or fully integrated into other electronic systems, Isabel helps clinicians to manage clinical uncertainty.

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Trials have shown that Isabel can increase clinical reasoning skills by up to 33%, while Clinical trials have revealed that Isabel includes what turned out to be the actual disease in its list based on just the initial clinical features in 96% of cases.
Isabel Pro

Isabel Symptom Checker

The Isabel Symptom Checker (Isabel SC) for patients is the only symptom checker that allows a patient to describe their symptoms in their own words and enter them in one go without the endless questions found in a chatbot. Simple and easy-to-use, the system generates results in seconds. Its integrated virtual triage feature helps patients figure out their next steps, present more appropriately and it encourages patients to connect and engage with your institution. Isabel SC recently ranked highest for accuracy in a large review of symptom checkers published in the BMJ.

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Isabel SC

Isabel Clinical Educator

I’m so glad we have Isabel, it has really assisted me to think outside the box... I utilize Isabel in clinic regularly and the preceptor is impressed with the differentials I am able to offer during case presentation.

- Primary Care NP student, Madonna University, MI

Isabel CE

The Isabel Clinical Educator is a powerful case-based learning platform for developing, measuring and honing critical clinical reasoning skills in clinical learners.

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