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Peer reviews

Validation - Peer Reviews

Impact Studies


Several medical schools in the USA have carried out randomised control trials showing how the use of Isabel can increase both individual clinician’s and medical team’s diagnostic accuracy by as much as 33%. These have important implications for workforce development and demonstrate how Isabel is a practical tool to increase the skills of your own clinical teams.


Utility Studies


Results from our own and independent studies have shown how Isabel can help clinicians practice more safely by reminding them, within their workflow, of important diagnoses they may have not thought about.


Accuracy Studies


Several studies have shown, from even from Isabel’s earliest days, a high level of accuracy. In general, they show that in 96% of cases Isabel will include the correct final diagnosis in its list based on just the initial clinical features.

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Independent Reviews


A number of independent reviews of Differential Diagnostic Generators or Symptom Checkers have now appeared. Isabel has appeared at the top for all of them although we believe the reviewers should broaden their criteria to include other important aspects such as the ease and speed of use and ability to integrate into other electronic tools.

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Clinical Case Studies

We continually test Isabel against cases reported in the journals including over 10 years of the complex CPC cases published in the NEJM, to make sure it performs for every possible clinical presentation.


Isabel in the News

Over the years Isabel has been extensively covered in both the consumer and professional press. Isabel has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Times and Daily Mail to list just a few publications.