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clinical educator

Clinical Educator - teach and assess clinical reasoning skills

  • Isabel Clinical Educator (“Isabel CE”) is a unique case based learning platform that combines Isabel DDx and patient cases to provide a powerful platform for learning and honing diagnosis decision making skills. The ability to see how a clinical learner’s views on a case change before and after using Isabel allow an institution to assess and measure the learner’s critical thinking skills.


Students have access to case studies online…

Students can select from a variety of clinical case studies, provided by the institution .They can enter their initial thoughts about the differential, tests and management plan.


…then after reviewing Isabel DDx they can rethink their answers

By using Isabel DDx, the student is able to think through the important clinical features and consider a broader range of possibilities for their differential.

When finished, the learner’s inputs are compared to the gold standard set for the case and information is provided on how they performed. The Isabel CE provides a combination of rich case presentation, engagement of clinical decision tools, research-based assessment and feedback which is unique in medical education.