Isabel Pro - the DDx Generator

The Isabel DDx generator is powered by innovative, statistical natural language processing software which we apply to our custom-built medical database of disease presentations. The system covers over 10,000 conditions, all ages and all specialties. As well as clinical features Isabel utilizes additional algorithms to only present those results relevant to the patient’s age, gender and region. With 20 years of continuous development, testing and improvement, Isabel today is acknowledged around the world as the most accurate and versatile system available.

Isabel is simple to use...

Clinical features including labs, vitals and co-morbidities along with age, gender and travel history are entered manually in free text or received automatically from the EMR.


....immediately returning a clinically relevant list of diseases...

The list can be sorted by specialty or red flags. A list of drugs with side effects is also available.


...which contextually links to knowledge for each disease


Isabel provides clinicians with evidence-based knowledge in one click enabling them to make better decisions on selecting the right tests and treatment at the right time. Major medical publishers who partner with Isabel, include DynaMed® from EBSCO, 5 Minute Consult™ from Wolters Kluwer and Best Practice from the BMJ. Knowledge resources are fully integrated and seamlessly link to each condition in the Isabel Pro disease list. Institutions can leverage their existing evidence-based content by incorporating them into the Isabel knowledge system.

Isabel helps you be a better doctor and feel better about the care that you give and that you’re doing the right thing for the right patient at the right time.

- Neil Rawlins MD, Kadlec Health System, Richland WA

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