Isabel Symptom Checker - What makes it so different?

The Isabel SC uses the same medically validated Isabel system as Isabel Pro. Unlike other symptom checkers, patients can enter multiple symptoms in everyday language all in one go without the endless questions found in a chatbot. The combination of symptoms is analyzed by the Isabel enhanced machine learning system which produces a list of possible matching conditions which the patient can research. A virtual triage feature is also provided to help patients decide where to seek care within your health system.

Isabel SC is simple to use...

Easy entry of multiple symptoms in everyday language, combined with the patient’s age, gender and region. The region can be changed to take account of recent travel history.

Sc tool

returning relevant conditions...

The list can be sorted by different views, highlighting common and red flag conditions. Each condition links through to patient-friendly disease information.

Sc result

generating greater patient engagement...

The versatility of Isabel SC enables it to be incorporated in a wide variety of workflows and contact points within your health system (e.g., built into your public facing website, patient portal or personal health record, e-visit, workflow etc.) improving efficiency and the patient experience.

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...and connecting patients to the appropriate care setting within your health system

After answering key questions about their symptoms, a unique set of algorithms consolidates the information entered and recommends the most clinically appropriate setting to seek care within your health system.

Sc triage

Driving patient engagement

Isabel enables patients to be partners in their care and work as a team with their health professionals. Health systems are encouraging patients to use the Isabel SC via their patient portals prior to their visit to drive quality engagement and efficiency.

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